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From our observation, the average owner or trainer spends most of their time fighting long term unwanted behaviours.  Some of these behaviours can be traced to your dog’s genetic predisposition. However, for the most part they are learnt behaviours that have been reinforced time after time. In other words, they are training problems that may have been taught.

It is from these unwanted behaviours, whether it be in a show, competitive training or simply at home, that many tricks and gimmicks seem to spring into the dog world. These methods in general do not correct the problems but merely mask them.

In addition these quick-fix solutions only add to the problems in training. Once the undesirable behaviours have developed, training is never as simple as it could have been and is often very frustrating.

At this point a very promising young dog has become nothing but a horror to work and live with.

  • When did it all start?

  • Was it as early as the first sit command?

Besides the fact that the dog will learn what behaviour to perform when it hears the word “sit” it simultaneously learns how to learn (classical conditioning – the feeling associated with it). This is where foundation training begins. What the dog has learnt during its foundation training will have a lasting effect on its performance, for better or worse. During stress or problem solving the dog will always attempt to access its foundation training as a point of reference. It is at this point in time where the dog and trainer learn to speak the same language – or not!

This critical stage of training requires firsthand knowledge of animal learning, patience and specifically taught exercises.

Von Forell K9 Education offers you complete training opportunities for any promising young dog. We will show you how to reinforce the genetic potential in your dog with the soundest training systems available. Our seminars and workshops are specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in your quality of training.

They are designed to help you view the training of dogs with complete new possibilities. Finally we will cover the current state of global breeding practices and the impact on behaviour, what the breeder must know about correct trait selection, developing puppies and what they should be teaching their new puppy owners and how this impacts the type of dogs we end up in our community.