Breeding From The Finest Working Dobermanns and German Shepherds In The World Hassan vom Grüntal Baron vom Blitzkrieger
Asa vom Haus Gebets
Tanne vom Gleisdreieck
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Dear Working Dog Enthusiasts,

I have not left a stone un-turned, World-wide in my quest to find the finest dogs with the right Genetics and their biological expression.

It is essential for me that these dogs consistently produce stable family guardians, reliable Law Enforcement Dogs, or World Championship Level competition dogs such as the Australian Grand National Schutzhund Champion – Von Forell Vilco SchH III, IPO III.

Those people that know me, are well aware of the committment I have put into this program over the past 24 years. I am very keen in promoting International partnerships to achieve a Global Gene Bank of quality working dogs.

I recommend that you read the “About Us” page as it will give you increased insight on my beliefs and ideals. If there are any Entrepreneurs / Sponsors out there that are in any position to assit us in our vision on a global level, please call me directly on 0418 348 804 (International+61 418 348 804).

I strongly encourage you to keep an eye on our website, especially the products page, as we will be constantly adding to the list of new and exciting items. This in turn will aid us to unite our level of learning and understanding of the German Shepherd and Dobermann, and their training and care.

If there is any further information that I may assist you with please feel free to email me on info@vonforell.com. I am always willing to share ideas and create not just a greater understanding locally but also globally.

PS…before you leave our website please share your thoughts on our guestbook and if you are interested in keeping up-to-date with important information please enter your details below.

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Official Suppliers to the RAAF, Correctional Services and Australian Federal Police