Hella Von Forell

                              Alf v.d Geer      (13-08-1946)

                   Tell v.d. Priorei, SchH 2      (21-02-1949)
                              Bella v. Oesterried
          Bingo v. Dornberg, SchH 3, brown      (24-05-1953)
                              Axel v. Hagenfreund      (09-06-1948)
                   Goldine v. Sandfontaine, SchH 3      (20-03-1950)

                               Elfi v. Sandfontaine

Hella v. Forell      (25-02-1961)     (Germany)

                              Cäsar v. Klockenhof, SchH 1      (21-02-1949)

                   Nigo Germania, brown      (10-05-1952)
                              Ester Germania      (18-06-1947)
          Vilja Germania      (17-05-1959)
                              Falk v. Buchenhain      (15-01-1951)
                   Anja v. Weleberg      (06-10-1953)

                              Eta v. Ruhrtal      (22-04-1951)

This black bitch was bred in Germany by well-known Mr Wilking, the former chairman of the German Dobermann club. He later sold her to the ‘von Eichenhain’ kennel.

Hella was a short powerfully built bitch of medium size. She had a correct front, short back and very good forechest. According to Mr O. Vogel, Hella had a high level of self-confidence with strong nerves and in retrospect she did a lot to improve the temperament of the Dobermann in Europe. She was an important bitch in the breed and the producer of many excellent progeny.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations