Heather Hammonds

Hi Kris,

Just wanted to say thank you for holding the highly informative training seminar over the weekend. Although the title of the seminar was ‘How to Achieve a Dynamic, Focused and Harmonious Obedience Performance’ it covered far, far more than this for me and the information it provided was invaluable. The seminar gave an insight into canine behaviour from puppyhood to adulthood that was second to none. In addition, it taught us how to work harmoniously with a dog and its innate drives and desires to not only achieve excellent Obedience performances, but also form a happy and balanced relationship between canine and handler in all areas of life.

There was so much to think about and learn during the seminar thanks to your generous sharing of your knowledge and experience, together with multiple opportunities to practise the skills you were teaching us with our dogs. I was amazed at how quickly and happily all the dogs attending over the weekend learnt, with the use of the training box and your expert assistance. Your balanced, highly skilled and logical approach to training canines made perfect sense and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss points together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was wonderful. In fact, the seminar was such a pleasure to attend that I’m sure like myself, every participant would have been quite happy if it had continued on for another two days!

I have gone to a number of different canine training seminars over the years and this one was by far the most comprehensive and enjoyable. I look forward to attending more from you and recommend your seminars very highly to anyone thinking of attending.

Very best regards,

Heather Hammonds

Melbourne Australia