Heart Felt Thanks to Kris Kotsopoulos – Von Forell from Dennis Gallacher – Archen Kennels

Dear Kris,

I would like to take this opportunity to express what I’ve been thinking from time to time since the last time I was at your facility.

Every now and then I have come across a young man full of enthusiasm and desire who tell me about plans they have or how they would like to for fill a dream concerning some venture or way of life. For most the dream is only something fleeting or is for the moment, you can see this in the way they talk or act..

Many who take it further will fall by the way side or only go so far as the dream is just too far away or they choose not to do the hard work or perhaps they just don’t have what it takes (we cannot all be university professors). Or perhaps the cost in money and/or personnel sacrifice is too great therefore the ambition dies and therefore remains just a dream.

However every now and then I find a young man who is filled with ambition and talent will do the hard yards and do the hard asks to achieve what you have accomplished.

Many of the envious people won’t know of the challenges you have had to endure for you to now live that dream. I always knew that with the right person at your side you would start to enjoy the dream and you both are now sharing the dream with others.

You have come a long way in your life Kris since those first days when we used to train dogs. I’m sure you will recall those nights in the derelict hospital or the factory till midnight working dogs, then how we would stay up to the small hours talking dogs. Since those days your knowledge and ability has left me way behind as it should. I do have the ability to impart my knowledge to others however I never thought I had your dedication and passion and that’s what it takes to be where you are my friend.

I personally know the sacrifice it takes to for fill a dream buddy, I also know it is one of the hardest paths to follow however for me the dream has been lived and is now coming to a close, I do have another one though.

You are one of a few men I am proud to call a friend.

You and Tonia are a super couple.

I thoughts it is important you know this.


Dennis Gallacher
Archen Kennels Western Australia