Hassan vom Gruntal – Von Forell


Ellex v. Haus Iris, DDR 90095, SchH 2, FH, PSH 2, Kör 5446/44

Alf v. Körnersee, DDR 132543, SchH 3, PSH 1, Kör 5546/44, V

Saskia v. Haus Kaiser, DDR 111223, SchH 3 FH, Kör 5547/33,V

Veith v. Haus Iris, DDR 152069, SchH 3, PSH 3, Kkl. 2a

Golf v. Ritterberg, DDR 99301, SchH 3, FH, PSH 1, Kkl. 1

Mira v. Haus Iris, DDR 118776, SchH 2, FH, Kkl. 1, Kör 5546/34

Eike v.d. Utzburg, DDR 98812, SchH 1, Kkl. 1, ZTP 4547/43, V

Hassan v. Grüntal, DDR 171677, SchH 1, Kkl. 1a, HD-zuerkannt    (15-05-1989)

Gero v. Haus Kaiser, DDR 83440, SchH 3, FH, Kör 5543/43

Dolf v. Bramberg, DDR 102716, SchH 2, FH, Kör 5447/23, V

Erle v. Haus Assmann, DDR 80407, SchH 1, SG

Arit v. Schlegelsberg, DDR 138487, SchH 2, FH, Kkl. 1a, SG

Meik v. Zeisswerk, DDR 95309, SchH 2

Yette v. Haus Kaiser, DDR 118719, SchH 3, FH 3

Benda v. Haus Valentin, DDR 64185, SchH 1, Kör 5547/23, V


Hassan vom Grüntal is 100 % East German breeding from the famous line 13A and is line bred 5, 5 – 5, 5 on Xito v. Baruther Land. He was one of the darkest sables you’ll ever see & well known for producing very dark pigment, tremendous heads, excellent bone, substance, incredible drive & strong aggression.

After coming to Australia he continued to produce these very qualities in his pups. Hassan is one of the last of the famous Line 13A bloodline – world renowned for producing the best East German (DDR) Border Patrol dogs. These bloodlines consistently produce very intense, powerful dogs that are structurally correct.

Click on the Progeny Link to see some of Hassan’s progeny, his pups consistently inherited dark pigment (often with the “spectacled” sable markings), superior bone and substance with large heads and the East German “blocky” structure that we’re striving for. Hassan will live on through his progeny and the semen collections we have taken from him.

Siblings: Fränzy / Hanka / Hexe.

Linebreeding:  4 – 3………………Gero v. Haus Kaiser
4 – 3………………Benda v. Haus Valentin
5 – 4………………Carmen v. Inselhof
5 – 4………………Bessi v. Hirschgarten
5 – 4………………Mediceer v.d. Pelzmühle
5, 5 – 5, 5……….Xito v. Baruther Land