Gunthersforst Burga – Von Forell

                              Dirk v. Goldberg, SchH 3, Int. Ch., Bdsgr      (10-01-1958)

                   Boris v. Hagenstolz, SchH 3, FH      (06-08-1964)
                              Freya v. Hagenstolz      (26-12-1958)
          Tex v. Frankenland, Ned. Ch.      (21-06-1968)
                              Bordo v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr      (07-12-1956)
                   Lady v. Frankenland      (27-03-1966)

                               Calette v. Wappen zu Bremen      (13-07-1961)

Gunthersforst Burga, Br. H 1, Nor. Ch., HD-1      (21-03-1970)      (Finland)

                              Arco of Fayette Corner, SchH 3, Int. Ch., IDC-Sgr, Bdsgr      (11-05-1960)
                   Cliff of Fayette Corner      (03-04-1964)
                              Bella v. Berg Mondala
          Gunthersforst Jasmin      (24-05-1966)
                              Eros v. Fürstenfeld      (10-03-1960)
                   Gunthersforst Carmen      (15-02-1963)

                              Goldine v. Fürstenfeld      (01-05-1960)

Gunthersforst Burga, who was bred in Finland, was exported to Norway where she became an excellent show bitch. She was also very important to the breed where she whelped a very important litter in conjunction with Bryan v. Forell. Six champions were produced, one of which was Europe’s leading sire in the 70’s, Guy Hilo v. Norden Stamm. Unfortunately she was to have only one litter due to a disagreement between her co-owners over breeding rights.

She was a nicely built animal with a good topline and nice forechest and this assisted her in attaining the Norwegian title. Her character was also good and she gained the Br. H. 1, a working certificate compared with Schutzhund 1.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations