Gladys Ford

Von Forell Training Seminar Sat 14th and Sun 15th July 2013

How to Achieve a Dynamic, Focused and Harmonious Obedience Performance.

I came into the seminar with a closed mind, I held myself back with the trauma of the past, little did I realize I became the one thing I promised I would never want to be “my dog’s worst enemy”

Kris has opened my eyes to a new world one where I can have a relationship with a balanced dog and have a better understanding of what he really needs. The information given over the weekend covered far more than I expected from the socialization of a puppy to understanding how to shape a highly driven dog and much more.

The practical hand on approach with bringing our own dogs was great I personally got to use this to help my dog build trust and confidence. But I also could see what the future could hold for us by seeing other owners/trainers with their dogs. I was also fortunate enough to meet Eick it is an unforgettable experience, to see the intense focus and understand from the dog was amazing.

The seminar gave me so much to think about and a different way to approach, what I had learnt in the past was not incorrect but this was a chance to understand that there are several different ways to approach each dog and it’s behaviour. It was a two hour travel each way and Sandy and I had long lengthy discussion the entire way.

Each day since I have applied Kris’s techniques to my house hold and am keen to see the results in the future. I look forward to working more closely with Kris to better myself and my dog.

The weekend is worth its weight in gold and I highly recommend anyone with an interest in canines to contact Kris and Tonia.

I am greatly appreciative for all the help, care and understanding.

Best regards
Gladys and Sarge

Melbourne Australia