Giovanni Frazzica – testimonial

We have been associated with Kris Kotsoploulos and Von Forell Kennels for many years. In that time we have experienced nothing but positive support and genuine concern for the training and well-being of our dogs.

We have purchased two dogs, a Doberman and a German Shepherd, from these kennels, and have also put other dogs through the training school. Friends who we have referred to Von Forell, have subsequently bought dogs and are quite happy with them.

Kris takes personal interest in his clients and their dogs. He has an easy going personality and develops a good rapport with clients. Kris has always been extremely professional in his dealings with us. He takes time to personally work through any problems we encounter, suggesting practical solutions and offering further assistance where necessary.

We were impressed by the extensive knowledge Kris has about his breeding and training programs. He has produced high quality working dogs using strong East and West German bloodlines.

As we have gotten to know Kris more and more, we have observed his growing and continuous commitment to his work, striving to achieve the best in his breeding and training programs.

When making our decision to buy our dogs we were assured by the puppy guarantee which allayed any possible concerns we may have had as to the quality of the dogs we were to purchase.

Kris’s deep understanding of dogs and his ability to read and interpret their character and match suitability with prospective owners was very reassuring. This was quite evident when we were initiating the purchase of our two dogs. He was able to suitably match individual dogs with our needs and circumstances.

We are continually amazed at Kris’s extensive knowledge as he discusses ideas and methods with us. This input has certainly increased our own working knowledge of our dogs and our handling of them.

Kris attends many seminars and keeps abreast of current trends in both the training and breeding areas. He has contact with various associations and individuals in this field. He shares and discusses new information with us, helping us to gain a better understanding of our dogs, their training and their capabilities.

Kris Kotsopoulos has demonstrated total professionalism in his dealings with us. We are very satisfied with our dogs and the training and support we have received and are still receiving. We have great confidence in Kris and give him our full support.

Yours Sincerely,
Lina De Fazio
Giovanni Frazzica