Frustrated Owner Has His Dog Trained By Von Forell Dog Training Systems

Dear Von Forell ,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and share with you the profound impact that you had on my dog and my subsequent interaction with him.

“Primo” is my 4 year old male purebred Doberman, who has always had a gentle and happy temperament.  He was however, almost totally uncontrollable when going for a walk and chose to ignore simple directions like “sit”.  The affect that this had, was that evening walks became less and less frequent due to his constant pulling and stubbornness.  Outings for coffee in public with him, became impossible as his mind would never stop and all he wanted to do was rebel and wouldn’t listen to any commands.  As you can you imagine, this had lead to a huge reduction in both our qualities of life.  

We [my wife and I] decided that whilst we were overseas this year we would ask if you would take on “boarding” Primo at Von Forell and train him.  I must be honest here, we did not have high hopes.  On my way to pick him up i was so excited to see my dog and had already accepted the fact that he would probably still be “crazy Primo”.  When we arrived i could hear him and it was hard to listen to your feedback and instruction about what to do when he came out.  

From the moment you brought him around the corner, I could see a physical change in his demeanor.  One word, astonishing!

I watched as you put my previously unruly dog through his paces, sitting, heeling, turning and obeying even the down command.  Primo knew I was there but would not disobey your command.  It is hard to admit, but I actually felt teary when I had seen what you were able to do, and what it would mean for us [Primo & I].  To show it was not a fluke, you set me off with him and i couldn’t stop smiling as Primo did as I said as his tail went 100 miles an hour.

I thought I would test it and after leaving went and had a coffee at a local coffee shop.  Now the test was on.  I decided to park some distance from the cafe and walked there.  Primo was perfect.  I got nervous at the cafe as there were other dogs there.  No problem at all.  He sat then went into the down position, no worries at all and stayed just taking in the sights whilst I had my coffee; it really was like a miracle!

Upon returning home, evening walks and having him inside are a pleasure as his mind is now calm.  We walk around the neighborhood at our leisure and people still cross the road when they see him approaching, but now it is not because he looks like he is crazy or out of control, but because he is so secure in himself that he is in total control and a fine example of himself.

I guess i wanted to formally thank you for all you did and perhaps share our story to encourage others in similar situations to seek out a true specialist such as yourself because there is hope.  Kris, you are an absolute credit to what you do, a consummate passionate professional.  

I look forward to ongoing training with you and if there is anything I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest Regards,

Anthony Pezzimenti & Primo Melbourne Australia