Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the right puppy from Von Forell?
We know you want the very best from your next puppy and that health and temperament are very important in your final decision. To ensure that you get the very best selection that suits your requirements, Von Forell would love to know more about what you would like to see in your next puppy. In order for us to select the right dog for you, we would appreciate as much information you can supply about the colour, sex, breed type and most importantly the overall type of dog and its character you believe would be the ideal dog for you. Please visit the about you page and fill out the quick profile: About You

Once I place an order, when will my puppy come home?
Once we establish the exact type of dog you would like we ask that you place an order. When the appropriate litter has been mated we will notify you of when the puppies are expected, which is approximately 63 days after mating. From the time the puppies are born we monitor their development and test them accordingly to establish which puppy will match your requirements. We find this extremely successful due to the many years experience we have in selecting puppies. The puppy will be ready to come to you eight weeks after birth.

What does my deposit mean?
Your deposit is a means of securing a position for a puppy. Von Forell does not adopt a policy of first in first served. After many years we know that our breeder and behaviourists are in the best position possible to select the best puppy for you. Hence you may be the last person to order a puppy but the first to be lucky enough to take one home. We ask that you trust us and our experience in assisting you in the final selection. However we are more than happy to work with you should you desire.

Breeding dogs is a complex process. Unfortunately there are occasions where females don’t conceive and we understand that it creates disappointment however we are sure of one thing and that is your patience will be well rewarded with a puppy that has had a life time of planning and selection with high intention and sincere effort.  If you are interested in either placing a deposit or adding your name to our list of people who are ready to buy a Von Forell puppy please fill in our vf-orderform.

Are Von Forell dogs great family dogs?
Von Forell understands that there are multiple types of personalities in dogs therefore we do our very best to choose the most appropriate puppy to suit you and your life style. We breed from the most stable dogs available. Not only do they make great working dogs but they also make excellent family companions, being the primary aim of our breeding program. Yes there are some dogs that require additional handler skills and we ensure that these puppies and bloodlines are placed accordingly and that their new owners are adequately educated.

Can my dog live in the house with me?
Yes your dog can live in the house with you however Von Forell does have a logical emotional development sequence that we believe every puppy should follow so that your new family member ends up being an asset to you, your family and the community. Allowing a puppy to live in the house with you may set the puppy up for failure, establishing habits that may prove to be difficult to live with. We will teach you the pros and cons of having the puppy live in the house so that he can eventually live in harmony with you and your family.

Where can I train my new puppy?
Von Forell offers Von Forell K9 Education which an International Canine Training and Development Company, offering Workshops and Seminars that are Innovative, Effective Training programs for creating extraordinary dogs and extraordinary handlers. We conduct training for all dogs and all people. When it comes to training your dog or you, you are most welcome to train with us, should that not suit we do have partners both Nationally and Internationally that may be able to assist you.

Where do I get all the rearing and training items I will need for my puppy?
Forell K9 Products is Australia’s largest dog-training equipment supplier for all dogs. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned handler, all that you will ever require is right here.

Our team has been involved in Animal Behaviour and Working Dog Breeding since 1981. We have worked with new time dog owners to the most demanding Law Enforcement K9s and Championship Competitors possible.

Such experience has enabled us to source and test cutting edge training technologies and the highest quality products available. In fact, we have been using these very products since 1981.

Our Online Store is designed to be innovative and user friendly. Should you prefer to have a walk through our shop please come and visit us, you are most welcome. Forell K9 Products is servicing Families, World Champion Competitors,  Law Enforcement & Government agencies, Business, and Private Security Firms.

If you are looking for a one stop K9 shop?

•           Training Collars
•           Balls
•           Tugs
•           Protection Sleeves
•           Protection Suits
•           Muzzles
•           Tracking Equipment

and much more…

Please visit our Online Store and you will find all that you will ever require.

Is my puppy inoculated, wormed and microchipped?
Our Veterinary performs a thorough examination of each puppy before they leave our facility. When your puppy passes its health examination it is inoculated, wormed and microchiped and a certificate is produced for your future reference of authenticity.

Does my puppy have a pedigree?
Yes your puppy has a pedigree registered with the Australian National Kennel Council which is the authentic pedigree issued.

Can I breed with my puppy?
Von Forell are proud of the type of animals produced however not all dogs are breed worthy. Hence we issue a limited register pedigree which simply means that the puppy cannot be bred with until such time Von Forell authorizes the transfer onto what is called the main register. If you are interested in breeding please ensure you register your interest as Von Forell has strict policies and procedures regarding the breeding of its animals.  First and foremost the only dogs bred with are the animals that pass our strict health and character assessments and only then are they available for breeding.

All Von Forell puppies come with a written health guarantee.

Are there any conditions with my new puppy?
Yes we have a two conditions. The first is that you train and care for your animal in the best possible way, emotionally and physically. We ask that you contact us anytime an issue arises so that we are able to assist you. Secondly we ask that you return your puppy or dog should you ever decide you are unable to care or keep your dog any longer. We honestly don’t mind what the reasons are, all we ask is that we have the first opportunity to re home your dog.

Who names my puppy?
Every Von Forell puppy is named with a Dogs Victoria registered Von Forell name. Although this is common practice you are welcome to call your puppy any name you wish, or you are welcome to use our puppy name listing of which there are 13,000 names to choose – Naming Your Puppy.

Am I able to pick up my puppy personally?
Von Forell prefers that you do visit us so that we are able to establish a relationship where possible. However many of our puppy owners live a considerable distance from our facility (Nationally and Internationally) and choose to have their puppies shipped to them. We are happy either way.

What do you feed your puppies?
Von Forell have experimented with diets for many years. Your puppy comes with all necessary documentation to assist you not only with your puppies diet but also with other important issue of raising, socialising and training. You don’t need to be concerned about your puppies diet. We have formulated our very own new Premium Dry Dog Food which is what your puppy is raised on. It is now regarded as one of the most premium foods on the market reduced drastically in price. You will be able to purchase all your dog food from here the day you pick up your puppy. The new food is called PerformaDog – look out for it at your dog food store.

Does my puppy come with an ear tattoo?
Although we are members of the German Shepherd club and Dobermann Club we do not tattoo our puppies. Von Forell is a working dog kennel and the character of our puppies is pivotal. Tattooing creates considerable negative associations hence Von Forell has decided on a standard policy of microchiping instead. The microchip number is unique to your dog. A record in kept at our facility and is then also registered with the Central Animal Records Bureau.  The microchip number is also registered to you as the new owner. However your puppy can be tattood is you wish. Sometimes International requirements demand tattooing which can be accomodated.

What happens if a pup has a health problem?
All Von Forell puppies are examined by a vet before they leave for their new homes. Our Vet issues a health certificate for each puppy. Our puppies come with a very specific guarantee and Von Forell has a strict policy. If a puppy needs replacing we do it without question, however the original puppy must be returned to our kennel at the owner’s expense. The replacement pup will be of equal or better quality and will be shipped as soon as the appropriate puppy is available.

What about hip and elbow dysplasia?
Von Forell has very strict breeding requirements and selecting a Von Forell puppy is the first step towards insuring that you have a dog with good hips, elbows and general health. Every dog Von Forell breeds with has had their hips and elbows x-rayed. Unfortunately the nature of dogs in general is that there is still a small risk that a puppy can develop a hip and elbow problem.

Hip dysplasia and elbow problem have four major causes:

  • Genetics
  • Poor Diet
  • Excessive feeding
  • Excessive exercise during early development

In light of the above you can be sure of one thing and that is, Von Forell makes every effort to breed the highest quality dogs physically and mentally.

What does the guarantee of my puppy cover?
Von Forell Guarantees that the puppies you receive will be healthy and free from any genetics faults. In the event a genetic issue arises, Von Forell will replace your dog Free of charge.

Personal Advice:
By telephone, e-mail or at our facilities, our specialists will answer any questions whatever they may be, and guide you in your choice of products and services.