Fosc de los Valientes – Von Forell

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Fosc de los Valientes      (Imp. Spain)

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                              Favorita de los Valientes

Fosc de los Valientes was bred in Spain and the son of the famous Dutch male Ebo v.d. Groote Maat. Fosc was a hard headed Dobermann who was very difficult to handle because of his highly defiant character.

His grandson Von Forell Baron (Arras), inherited the same “never say die” attitude but (thankfully) with excellent working drives and trainability. Arras is the grandsire of our brood bitches Von Forell Udine and Ursula.

Linebreeding: 4, 4 – 4…………… Chico v. Forell
  5, 5 – 5…………… Odin v. Forell
  5, 5 – 5…………… Cita Germania