Fax vom Grenzgänger – Von Forell

Fax vom Grenzgänger
SchH 3, Kkl.1 auf LZ (Graded Class 1 for Life), HD & ED normal, Zw89

Isn’t Life Amazing!!

Whilst in Germany, in 1999, I saw Fax v Grenzganger, at the time he was being worked in protection by Dr Helmut Raiser. I knew then, Fax was the type of dog I was looking for to contribute to our breeding program.

It was my hope that one day I could own this valuable animal, and you wouldn’t believe it…he finally ended up with Von Forell.

Fax is a powerful male with a large head, strong bone and powerful underjaw, Kkl. 1a conformation and a mentality that very few dogs possess – a dog with an open and uncomplicated character coupled with a crushing grip.

At the age of 9 Fax works and acts like a 5 years old. He is truly an amazing animal with a real zest for life. His best son in Von Forell Erger and rated a better quality dog.

Although based in Melbourne Australia, Erger is available to the national and international market by way of shipped semen.  So if you live overseas you can still gain access to his genetics through frozen semen. If you call or email  NOW,  we will  arrange for  frozen semen to be shipped immediately. Don’t  allow this opportunity  slip by: “Frozen Semen is the way of the future”.


Held v. Ritterberg, DDR SchH 3, Kkl. 1, Kör 5546/44, V

Bero v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur, DDR SchH 1, SP-PS, Kör 5546/44, SG

Ivette v. Fürstendamm, DDR FH 1, ZTP 5447/23, SG

Dolf ze Zakovy hory, SchH 3, ZVV 1, Kkl. 1a, SG, HD-normal    

Brytt Sil-Spur, ZM, ZVV 2, 5JX5, V, HD-normal

Centa Kanicky les, ZM, ZVV 2, 5CKX5, HD-zuerkannt

Bria z. Kalasova dvora, ZM, ZVV 1, T: 6LRI6, G,

Fax v. Grenzgänger, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1965743, SG, HD- normal   (16-07-1996)

Ylo v. Waldeckerhof, SchH 3, Kkk. 2, G,

Mink v. Haus Wittfeld, SchH 3, FH, AD, Kkl. 1, SG, HD-normal    

Cora v. Haardblick, Schh 3, Kkl. 1, SG,  

Fee am Pilgerbach, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 2, HD-noch zugel.    

Wicko v. Meran, SchH 3, FH, KKl. 1, V,

Cindy v. Lelbacher Hexenteich, SchH 3, Kkl. 2, HD-fast normal    

Pia v. Haus Touristik, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, Kkl. 2,


Fax vom Grenzgänger is a solid black male of DDR type with a strong masculine head, good bone and pigment. Fax has very high balanced drives and possesses a high activity level with excellent hardness, pronounced prey drive, strong nerve and aggression. He is also a very territorial male that shows great self-confidence and assuredness. When you combine all these great qualities together with his crushing grip we have an outstanding male. Fax, like his parents, has proven to be of high trainability.

German Breed Survey critique: Over medium-sized, middle-strong male with good head, high withers, good length and lay of croup, good fore angulation and very good hindquarter angulation, normal chest proportions, correct front. Steps correctly in front and rear, his ground-covering gait comes from a firm back. Dark eyes, strong bones and strong over and under jaw. A correctly built black male with a good anatomy – graded Breed Class 1 For Life.
TSB pronounced; releases on command.

Fax placed 2nd at the LGA with 90-98-95 and 12th at the SV-BSP in 2000 with 96-96-93=285V

Fax’s working history:
SchH I:    100-97-98 = 295V
SchH II:   100-93-96 = 289V
SchH III:  100-96-95 = 291V

Linebreeding:  ……………None in first 5 generations