Esthera van Tiekerhook – Von Forell

Esthera van Tiekerhook

Mutz v.d. Pelztierfarm, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1122617, VA, HD-zuerkannt     (11-10-1966)

Hasso v.d. grünen Laterne, SchH 3, FH, SZ: 1218203, VA, HD-zuerkannt     (15-05-1970)

Elli v.d. Grüne Laterne, SchH 1, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1171589, V     (19-07-1968)

Greif v. Bielkopf, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1a, SZ: 1284458, VA, HD-zuerkannt     (16-11-1962)

Frei v. Eichengarten, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1066743, V     (22-02-1964)

Assie v. Onkelshaus, SchH 2, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1122214, V     (12-10-1966)

Afra v.d. Höchstener Kapelle, SchH 1, SZ: 1073880     (19-07-1964)

Esthera v. Tiekerhook, KNPV cert., UV, DH, Kkl. 2, NHSB: 965005, HD-fast normal (09-08-1977)

Kerry v. Stahlhammer, SchH 3, Kkl. 1, SZ: 1127358, V, HD-zuerkannt     (01-12-1966)

Hero v. Lauerhof, SchH 3, SZ: 1193521, Vice-Sieger, VA, HD-fast normal     (15-05-1969)

Deija v. Distelrasen, HGH, Kkl. 1, SZ: 960811, V     (13-05-1967)

Beauty v. Tiekerhook, NHSB 773605, SG     (25-11-1974)

Marko v. Cellerland, SchH 3, FH, Kkl. 1, 1972 Sieder, SZ: 116932 3, VA, HD-zuerkannt

Anjou v. Tiekerhook, NHSB: 662200     (14-03-1973)

Rena v.d. Boxhochburg, SZ: 1191050     (12-06-1969)

Esthera van Tiekerhook titled in KNPV six times in her sporting career and was also an active Police Service K9. Her breeder Koos Hassing describes her as a “super producer”.

Kör: Medium-tall, black, medium-strong female with good front angulation, the upper leg could be longer in the rear quarters. The back could be a bit shorter and the connection between back and lower back could be firmer. The croup is short. The coat should be fuller. In his overall appearance or in gaiting the dog should be of more substance. Courage, fightdrive and hardness are pronounced.

Siblings: Erco / Esther.

Linebreeding:  4 – 5………..”V” Litter v. Busecker Schloss
5 – 4………..Klodo a.d. Eremitenklause