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Four Puppies Born 28 October 2010 From Natan v Busecker Schloss Sch 111 Click PDF Natan_x_Von_Forell_Uniqe_7_Wk_Old

The Facts On Natan’s Semen – 29th December 2006.

Hello German Shepherd Dog Enthusiasts,

I do apologise for this document being on this site, however in light of the attack on my character by Mr Ed Frawley, of Leerburg Kennels I am sure you will all understand that I need to share my side of the story, backed up with real evidence, to be heard by the widest possible audience. Please make sure you read all the way to the end as you will be pleased to know that Von Forell Kennels has just had a litter of puppies from Natan which were born on the 28th of October 2010.

Here are the facts…. As of the 29th of December 2006.

In early 1993 I made contact with Mr Ed Frawley in an effort to purchase frozen semen from a Dog Natan v. Busecker Schloss. After numerous conversations and letters we came to a mutually agreed price, which would cover both the cost of the frozen semen, and the time and effort involved on the part of Mr Frawley. The price agreed upon was US $1,100-00, which translated in 1993 to $1,596-22 Australian dollars.

Ed’s response to my letter dated May 2nd, 1993. In this letter I instructed Ed to please outline all the costs involved in getting Natan’s semen to Australia. click here.

Jan Pierce, his secretary, replied with a letter dated May 12, 1993. Please see attached.

Pursuant to our agreement, I forwarded Ed his money, as requested on the 26th of May 1993. Please see attached official bank draft reference no 3269/OPIC/633875 as issued by National Australia Bank. click here.

Subsequently, I received a letter from Mr Frawley on June 10th 1993, stating that he was returning my money, as the transaction involved a much greater deal of work than originally envisaged. Please find attached the actual letter from Ed. click here.

I replied to this latest correspondence by stating that I would gladly pay extra for Mr Frawley’s efforts, as I firmly believed that Natan’s Semen was an important addition to my breeding program.

After subsequent negotiations, I ended up sending Mr Frawley $3,210-97 – {this is double the original agreed price}, for the Natan Semen.

On January the 4th, 1994, Mr Frawley sent me a letter that stated, “I am actually glad that we went through this. By me finding this low-grade infection I have been able to treat it and put it behind me. I believe that if I had not found it Nikie could have gone sterile.”

I have attached the actual letter and encourage you to read it for yourself: click here.

On March 5th 1994 further correspondence arrives in the form of another letter, outlining the rules of our agreement if I am to still choose to purchase the semen. click here

I agreed with the rules, and have never had a problem in honouring this agreement, even to this day. I have only used the Natan semen once with success. Please see attached the actual Veterinary Patient Discharge Sheet reports for Natan matings dated 22/02/1995 – click here and 20/03/1995. click here.

The third usage of the semen was to a DDR bitch called Tanne von der Gleisdreick Imp German. She underwent a world first in insemination where by her ova were flushed from her ovaries of which we only managed to get 10. Five were fertilised  by Natan and five were fertilised by Hassan v. Gruntal DDR. I will let you all know that the eggs did indeed fertilise but there is no technology yet available that can further the program. So the eggs lay frozen in a laboratory until such time someone in the world is able to continue from DR Metcalfs work.

Imagine puppies from Tanne and NATAN and HASSAN in the next years. As always the moment these puppies do come to life I will honour my agreement with Mr Frawley and pay him his US $500.

When I decide to use Natan’s semen in my breeding program again I fully intend to honour my agreement with Ed Frawley, which means that I will pay him an additional US $500 per successful mating with puppies. US $500 dollars is not going to make or break Von Forell, and despite the implications made against Von Forell and myself by Mr Frawley, our kennel would NEVER misrepresent the lineage of our dogs for any reason, let alone to avoid such a small stud fee, or any stud fee.

Our reputation is of paramount importance to us here at Von Forell, and we have gone so far as to have analysed the DNA from our foundation stock, CLICK HERE TO VIEW DNA FROM NATAN PROGENY and I hereby publicly proclaim that I have never ever done a false mating and never will. I am so confident about this that I am prepared to DNA any of the dogs we have produced at random to prove this, especially descendants from NATAN. Any direct descendants of Natan have sadly all passed away now due to the fact that they were born approximately 12 years ago, but the DNA tests I have offered to take will prove that there has been no wrong doing as DNA cannot lie. This also raises the thought-provoking possibility that this is why Ed has left his scandalous and libelous attack on me until now…

Attached is another letter from Mr Frawley dated October 12th 1995, thanking me for duly informing him that Natan puppies from the semen he sold to me were on the ground. click here.

If anyone in the world, wants to find out and would like to know how many litters were registered from Natan v. Busecker Schloss please phone the VICTORIAN KENNEL CLUB on +61 3 9788 2500 (9am to 4.30pm – Monday to Friday).

Now… please tell me how many people you know that would spend 11 months of enduring the constant to and fro that I experienced during negotiations with Ed to secure frozen semen? And then go through the associated rigmarole of bringing it to Australia, and subsequently pay the costs involved for 13 years of storage, amounting to $4,700 AUD. I do not know many people with the drive and perseverance to make a transaction of this nature happen, but I did, and I did it because I am deeply passionate about producing and training quality dogs.

Given the above facts, which are all evidenced by way of documented proof, does it then lend ANY credence to the allegation that I would essentially waste this precious semen on an illegitimate mating, thereby producing illegitimate puppies, and then risk all the blood, sweat and tears poured into Von Forell by registering those illegitimate puppies with a false sire? And would it make sense to risk my reputation just so that I don’t have to pay Ed Frawley the paltry sum of US $500? This is the crux of Ed Frawley’s allegations.

To add insult to the injury, Mr Frawley also asserts that he wants the semen that I purchased from him returned! On moral, ethical, and business levels this is a ridiculous, unreasonable, and an unfounded demand!

I did not heavily invest financially and personally in procuring Natan’s semen so that I can just give it back. I made a deliberate and thoughtful decision to secure Natan’s genetics to include in Von Forell’s breeding program. What respectable business person, nee human being, would publicly pressure someone to hand over something that was purchased by mutual agreement for a mutually agreed figure?

I feel no need to justify my use, or lack thereof to this point, of genetic material that I rightfully own. Producing exceptional dogs is about combining the right genetics, and then providing quality training to the progeny. When I believe that I have access to a bitch that I consider to be the right dog to put Natan’s semen to I will not hesitate for a moment in doing so, and if the mating is successful, as per the terms outlined to me by Mr Frawley, I will promptly forward Mr Frawley the $500 US that I would then rightfully owe to him for that mating, as I am a man of my word.

Ed has also suggested publicly that I have none of the semen in question left, and that it is for that reason that I am refusing to enter into correspondence on the matter. I am now refuting that claim by stating that as a result of consultation with Von Forell’s legal representatives I have been specifically advised that I should have no further correspondence with Mr Ed Frawley until we have all our evidence collected. On a more personal note, I also would like to point out that I have no wish to waste my time and effort arguing unnecessarily, which is the other reason I am not responding to Ed.

Please find attached an official letter from the Veterinary Storage facility that I use to store the straws of semen in question. This unreservedly proves via the statement of an independent third party that Natan’s semen is still very much in existence, and is being safely stored here in Australia. Please click here.

So all is in order according to our original agreement, and nothing has changed for me, nor will it. I stand by my word and always will. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ed Frawley for agreeing to sell me Natan’s Semen. It is due in no small part to Natan’s genetic input that we have managed to proudly produce some very interesting German Shepherd Dogs. Some of the animals produced from our one Natan mating have gone on to produce some of our finest working stock, as you will see below:

Von Forell Rena NATAN daughter – Passed away
Von Forell Rebecca NATAN daughter – Passed away
Von Forell Borg NATAN Grandson – Passed away
Von Forell Bianca Schutzhund – Passed away
Von Forell Bodo Service dog – Passed away
Von Forell Dillon Service dog – Passed away
Von Forell Delores 2nd National Schutzhund Champion N/A
Von Forell Benda Australian Federal Police

These are but a few, as the list is quite long.

My current personal dog is Von Forell Silo. Silo is a great, great grandson of NATAN, and is a great worker. Although he is only 10 months old, he is already displaying that he possesses all that anyone would want in a quality working dog.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ed made a point of attempting to assassinate my character in the most public forum – his discussion forum. I have received numerous calls and emails from supporters around the globe expressing their dismay at the situation, and a number of these supporters have made numerous attempts to make email contact with Ed in support of me. To date none of these attempts have been met with success, as Ed will not reply, and where he does he totally hounds the messenger, Ed, or those responsible for running his website, have also refused to allow my supporter’s access to the very same discussion forum that has been used to attack my good name and reputation. This can only be seen by any truly objective observer to be a concerted effort to ‘stack the odds in his favour’. According to my dictionary, the word FORUM means ‘giving the opportunity to debate’, and that clearly has not happened in this situation.

It truly saddens me that somebody regarded as a highly credible and knowledgeable person by so many in the international canine community would stoop to engage in such slanderous and childish activity. Although Mr Frawley has publicly accused me of many misdeeds, I have not allowed the situation to affect me in the slightest, nor will it. I know myself, and I know the truth. That truth is supported by independent evidence, as you will see by clicking on the above links provided throughout this document. Those who truly know me, including my family and dear friends, know all too well that these scurrilous allegations are unfounded. I am quite sure that now you all have access to the evidence, and not just the unfounded hearsay and untruths purported by Ed Frawley, that you would all be able to make your own decision based on the facts of the matter. I am keen to have the truth become known regarding this matter, and then put the issue firmly behind me.

Whilst an apology of the same magnitude as the untruths told about me would seem to be the honourable and reputable thing for Ed to do, I am not certain that I can realistically expect one. It will be a very interesting insight in to the personality of the man to see what eventuates.

Warmest Regards
Kris Kotsopoulos


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