Dimitri Kefallinos Comments On Von Forell Decoy Training Seminar

Hello Kris,

I sorry for the late response,  I’ve just found the time and the energy to write to you in an effort to express my emotions of that overwhelming, exciting and fantastic weekend I shared with you and the crew at Pets Resorts Australia.

Mate where do I begin? firstly It was a pleasure meeting you in person and seeing you in action, the way you handled the dogs was beautiful your experience is phenomenal, you are the guru and that was evident in the seminar as well as in the field.

I personally think you’re on a good thing promoting seminars like these Nationally and Internationally educating people on what a good working dog is all about. Breeding – Selection and training. I so understand your philosophy as do the loyal owners of these working dogs even though early in the day I overheard a couple of people saying that it was over their head and seemed difficult, but by Sunday  we were all in tune with the aim of the weekend.

I’m so looking forward to the next time we get together again (mainly so I can pick your brain) for you to teach us and show us the next chapter of raising and working these amazing animals. Keep up the good work and keep excising that Greek mind of yours…

Again thanks buddy


Dimitri – Nsw  Australia