Decoy, Helper, Protection Dog


A Complete Guide on Preparation and Application
Training and Mental Tactics For Working Dogs

New Protection Training Book Due For Release Late 2014

As a result of living In an age where dog training information on the internet is of abundance, it is becoming increasingly difficult for dog trainers and handlers to identify credible sources of practical, progressive and relevant information. Nothing compares to face-to-face learning that provides the most up to date training methodologies available in a logical, concise and systemised format.



In our seminars you will learn what it takes to get 100% from your working dog regardless of its application; whether your goal is Security, Law Enforcement or IPO. We will teach you how to identify the “Optimal Functional Zone” and teach you how to keep your dog in that zone; maximising his energy and endurance ensuring full expression and powerful controlled behaviour during his operational deployment or any sporting routine.  


Kris Kotsopoulos has been involved in Breeding and Training Dogs since 1981. He has worked with first-time dog owners to the most demanding Law Enforcement Canines and World Championship Competitors. His dogs and training philosophies have been inherited into many training systems by competitors and law enforcement agencies. 


In his training workshops and new book on protection dog training or ‘Training dogs to achieve drive fulfilment’ as Kris prefers to call it, you will find a complete manual on preparation and application with an emphasis on mental tactics for the working dog. 

Kris believes that conventional training philosophies and models of working dog behaviour generally convey ambiguity and are filled with contradiction. There are hypothesis, which claim that behaviour accurately reflects mindset reality. Although nothing would make Kris happier if that were true, Kris believes that humanity is just embarking on the depth and complexity in understanding how to create and work with dogs that express powerful working dog behaviour. With a belief that normal dog behaviour automatically tends toward equilibrium, Kris acknowledges there are dogs (working dogs) that operate within a mental frame work of which he conceptually refers to as the “Optimum Function Zone” and this zone encompasses a mechanism of neurological and psychological reflexivity referring to circular relationships between cause and effect. 

“My focus and attention in this book and my workshops is on training, the relationship to breeding and the positive and negative reflexive feedback loops that characterize dog behaviour and in particular intense working dog behaviour regardless of application, be it ANKC, Schutzhund, Ring sport, Police K9, KNPV, Private Security or Military. 

There are two kinds of feedback, negative and positive. Negative feedback is self correcting, and positive feedback is self reinforcing.  Thus, negative feedback sets up a tendency toward equilibrium, but negative and positive feedback within the “Optimum Function Zone” sets up a dual emotional feedback system – producing “dynamic equilibrium” . 

This workshop provides a philosophical and technical plan for achieving understanding without the decades of hardship. Developed for dog training enthusiasts who value innovative insights into breeding and training dogs that thrive on achieving drive fulfilment, this methodology fills in the gaps to help you achieve a better understanding of how these dogs function and how to assist them.

There is a new idea, the foundation of which may change the way you see your working dog forever.

Learn about:    


  • The “Optimum Function Zone”.
  • Reflexivity, the circular relationships between cause and effect.
  • Prey drive and the positive emotional feedback loops.
  • Aggression and the negative emotional feedback loops.
  • Why balanced drives are not necessarily balanced.
  • Making vital lifelong emotional associations.
  • Grip and why it is not that complicated.
  • Behaviour does not always equate to mindset reality.
  • Scientific canine learning systems and the relationship to drive, key impulses and instinctive goals.
  • Clicker training during protection training for clear instinctive goal motivated behaviours.
  • The latest Remote Trainer systems for assistance in locking in target behaviours.
  • Out – means more; establishing positive feedback loops for a balanced working dogs mindset.
  • Keeping the working dog in mental homeostasis.
  • Maintaining behavioural balance.
  • The relationship between grip and genetics.
  • Can grip be improved and how?
  • How do you read the subtle changed in behaviour?
  • Successfully rearing and developing your dog for Police, Security or IPO work.
  • Is their a differences in their early development based on their application?
  • What are the differences in their ongoing development?
  • Reading dogs in absolute detail including subtle changes in behaviour.
  • Promoting, balancing drives whilst maintaining clarity.
  • Suspicion, reaction, and avoidance zones, why do decoys have so many problems with the classical dog?
  • Suspicion, reaction, and avoidance zones, do they exists with dogs that oparates from the Optimum Function Zone?
  • Grip introduction and development and what it really means to a dog.
  • Creating the correct association in the grip.
  • Drive channelling – Before, during, and after the grip.
  • Developing Control and attention during high drive training.
  • Fine tuning handler Skills.
  • Outs – Substitution, Self-outs and or Compulsion or is there another way?
  • Suit Work – all the myths dispelled.
  • Muzzle Work – How? Why and Why Not!
  • Ready for the street: Applying grip work & Control in an operational environment.
  • Loading, peaking and capping the dog.
  • Problem Solving in all areas.
  • Private In house analysis – “For Decoys Only”


Protection Training – Victoria Law  



IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS AND APPLICANTS: Licensed Security guards registered under the Private Agents Act 1966 are the only persons eligible to have their dogs trained as Protection Dogs, or to be trained in Protection Training  in the state of Victoria. Proof of Security Licence must be shown to the training establishment prior to commencement of protection training. No member of the public may be trained in protection training unless the above pre – requisites are complied with, unless you have a Government exemption. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR OBLIGATIONS IN REALTION TO THE TRAINING OF DOGS PROTECTION DOGS IN TEH STATE OF VICTORIA PLEASE CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF PRIMARY INDUSTRY DIRECTLY ON 136 186.  



All participants will receive a certificate of completion.



2 Days:     9am to 5pm  Saturday – Sunday