Dares zum Geradonu

Dares zum Geradonu

Grischa v. schwarzen Milan, SchH 3, FH, SZ: 159554, KkI. 2a, SG, HD-noch zugel.

Bob Cega CS, CKSP: 80317/91, ZVV 2, IPO 3, ZM, výborný, HD-0/0

Gita Salrak CS, CKSP: 23082/86, ZVV 3, IPO 3, ZM, ZPO, T: 7KV5, HD-zuerkannt

Bob Hožmi CS, CKS: 08510/94, Sch H 3, IPO 3, ZVV 1, ZM, T: 5X1/P, V, HD-0/0      (09-01-1992)

Gero v. Markersdorf, DDR 124953, IPO 3, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5CVQ6, V, HD-normal

Blackie Lesta CS, CKSP: 61892/92, IPO 3, ZVV 2, ZM, dobrý, HD-0/0

Blackie Dafry CS, CKSP: 12539/84, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5DKV3, Velmi dobrý, HD-0/0

Dares z. Geradonu CS, SchH 3, ZVV 2, IPO 3, ZPO 1, ZM, T: 5X1/P, Velmi dobrý,  H-Neg, ‘a’ (0/0)      (Imp. Czech Republic)

Julex z. Homolicek CS, CsHPKS: 2939, ZVV 3, IPO 3, ZPS, ZPO, T: 45/55, výborný

Odin z. Ulicek CS, CKSP: 10001, ZVV 3, IPO 2, ZPO, ZPS, ZM, T: 4DKI6, Velmi dobrý, HD-0/0

Carka z. Male’ skalky CS, CsHPKS: 61395, ZVV 3, IPO 3, T: 5CRI5, Velmi dobrý, HD-‘a’

Zina z. Ulicek, CKSP: 71908, IPO 3, ZVV 3, OP 1, ZM, UM CR ZP, T: 4KX7/43, dobry, HD-0/0

Cezar z. Beby CS, CKSP: 12203/83, ZVV 2, ZM, T: 5JI6, výborný, HD-0/0

Xenna z. Ulicek CS, CKSP: 51035, ZVV 1, ZM, T: 4CX5, Velmi dobrý, HD-0/0

Bela od Zvonice CS, CKSP: 02552/83, ZVV 3, IPO 3, ZM, T: 5CKI5, Velmi dobrý, HD-0/0

Dares zum Geradonu is a bi-colour male with nice bone and a nice head. He is a highly driven dog that possesses a high activity level with good hardness, high prey drive, strong nerve and good aggression. Dares competed at the 1999 Czech Republic National Qualification Trials IPO III.

Dares’s sire Bob Hožmi has strong working lines that go back to some of the best Czech and East German (DDR) dogs such as Bob Cega, Gita Salrak, Grischa v. Schwarzen Milan, Berry v. Christelas and Cliff v. Bleichfleck. His Dam Zina zum Ulicek carries some of the oldest and strongest working Czech bloodlines such as Chasan z. Boskovštejna, Julex z. Homolicek, and Dux z. Ladvelu. Zina also competed at the Czech Republic National and is known as a great producer of working dogs.

Dares Kör rating classifies him between 63cm – 65cm in height with the required strength and build, black with dark features and has considerable hardness, courage and fight drive; releases bite on handler command.

Siblings: Dax.

Linebreeding:  ……………None in first 5 generations