Cona von Niederkassel – Von Forell

                              Astor v.d. Schimmel Schulz Heide, SchH 3      (10-04-1957)

                   Gero v. Ellendonk, SchH 3, brown      (05-11-1962)
                              Dixi v. Krakau, SchH 3, LstSg 1963, brown      (20-07-1960)
          Satan v. Ellendonk, SchH 2, Angek. (ZVA), HD-2      (03-12-1969)
                              Argus v. Neroberg, SchH 3, Bdsgr 1963, brown      (27-05-1962)
                   Afra v. Hohenstaufen, SchH 3      (17-01-1967)

                               Gitta v. Chalua      (03-04-1964)

Cona v. Niederkassel, SchH 3, HD-1, brown      (08-02-1977)      (Germany)

                              Arco of Fayette Corner, SchH 3, Int. Ch., IDC-Sgr      (11-05-1960)
                   Ralf v. Forell, SchH 3, Int. Ch.      (26-01-1965)
                              Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)
          Blanka v.d. Au, SchH 3, FH, brown, HD-2      (06-08-1970)
                              Brucks v. Hofmannsmühle      (30-08-1963)
                   Asta v. Fischweiher, SchH 3, brown, HD-1      (05-10-1965)

                              Bella v. Hofmannsmühle      (30-08-1963)

Cona von Niederkassel was the daughter of Satan v. Ellendonk. The Satan x Blanka v.d. Au combination also produced Bessy and Biene v.d. Niederkassel, and between the three of them, these sisters were the foundations for some of the most prepotent lines of working Dobermanns. Cona, Bessy and Biene can be found singularly and collectively in the pedigrees of dogs bred by the Weyermühle, Worringer Bruch, Klingenstadt, Merkureck, Mooreiche and Hundesport kennels.

Cona lived to 14.5 years of age and was the foundation bitch for the Weyermuhle and Klingenstadt Kennels. Both Kennels bred Cona to Bingo v. Ellendonk – to produce the “A” Litter Weyermuhle and the “A & C” Litter Klingenstadt.

Siblings: Bento v. Niederkassel / Bessie v. Niederkassel / Biene v. Niederkassel / Bryan v. Niederkassel.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations