Comtesse Charmaine vom Franckenhorst – Von Forell

                              Falko v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Bdsgr 1963      (26-12-1958)

                   Odin v. Forell, SchH 2, Int. + Ger. + Mon. Ch.      (22-04-1964)
                              Iris v. Forell      (13-08-1961)
          Chico v. Forell, Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr      (01-07-1968)
                              Cäsar v. Weideneck, SchH 3, FH      (12-06-1954)
                   Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)

                               Reni Germania      (1955)

Comtesse Charmaine v. Franckenhorst, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. + Ned. + Lux. Ch.,
DV-Sgn, Bdsgn
     (21-11-1972)     (Holland)

                               Andy v. Eichenhain      (30-03-1964)

                   Ero v. Eichenhain      (17-09-1967)
                              Wilma v. Fürstenfeld      (21-04-1966)
          Amarilda v.d. Wachenburg      (17-08-1969)
                              Andy v. Eichenhain      (30-03-1964)

                   Costa v. Eichenhain, SchH 3      (15-04-1966)

                              Hella v. Forell      (25-02-1961)

One of the most successful dobermanns of her time. She was a black bitch of correct size, very well built with a nice long head. She had a very nice expression with dark eyes.

Comtesse Charmaine became Dutch, International, German and Luxembourgh Champion. In 1974 she became the Dutch Winner and in 1975 Bundessiegerin. Also in 1975 she won the Dutch and German Club Champions titles.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Siblings: Alva / Ceylonia / Ero.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations