Competition Dogs

Von Forell acknowledges that you want the very best from your next competition dog. One of the difficulties you will find when searching for that very special puppy is navigating your way through all the clutter in order to choose your next champion. Von Forell identifies that selection is based on certain physical and behavioural traits that should fall in line with your competition requirements.

Whether it is IPO, Tracking, Obedience or agility the behavioural traits are similar in all disciplines however there are a multitude of other Jano_jumpsaspects to consider:

  • How do you choose the right puppy?
  • How much prey drive is really necessary?
  • What sort of temperament do you really need?
  • Why is health so important?
  • Is colour that important?
  • Why structure plays an important role in quality performance?
  • What Guarantee do I get that my Von Forell puppy will perform the way I expect?
  • Is environmental & social stability important in the final analysis?
  • Why is self confidence so important?
  • Does my dog need to be adaptable?

Von Forell competition dogs are for competitive enthusiasts that demand driven dogs for a life time of enjoyment. Although our dogs are equally suitable as a family companion, some do require finely tuned handling skills.

We have not left a stone un-turned, World-wide in our quest to find the finest dogs with working Genetics and you don’t need to be concerned of whether your next puppy will have the required traits. We are positive that you will be more than happy with a Von Forell puppy and to ensure that you get the very best selection that suits your requirements, we would love to know more about you and what you demand to see in your next Working Candidate.

Please browse through the specific categories that suit your requirements and then feel free to contact us for a consultation to further discuss your new Von Forell Puppy.

We would be grateful if you would complete this short profile About You in order to help us establish how to best help you. One of our consultants will be in contact shortly, in the meantime should you prefer to speak to us personally please feel free to call.  This enables us to ensure you receive a puppy from the most appropriate litter and then the most suitable puppy within that litter.

Please Note – Our selection policy is based on compatibility and not on first order basis.

NOTE: All Von Forell puppies undergo a thorough a Bio-Sensor Stimulation Program and full veterinary inspection before departure. BSSP

Personal Advice:
By telephone, e-mail or at our facilities, our specialists will answer any questions whatever they may be, and guide you in your choice of products and services.