Clicker Training Workshop


From Dolphin Training To Modifying Dog Behaviour

Is there a Link?

Every method of training attempts to coordinate two fundamental aspects of behaviour:

and Motivation. The most effective methods provide the animal with the information
necessary to understand the task and link the behaviour to some motivation that insures reliable
performance. The advantages and disadvantages of a method of training become clear when viewed from this perspective. Dog training requires confidence, and confidence breeds opinions. Successful training also requires that we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s where these opinions come in handy.

For instance, if you poll a group of dog trainers, you will discover that “clicker training” is either the hottest thing since sliced bread or simply a gimmicky fad. Somewhere in between those extremes is a perspective on training that offers some unique insights.

Learn how you can modify behaviour without any physical manipulation and then shape behaviour into almost magical results.

All participants will receive certification upon completion.

2 Days:     9am to 5pm  9am to 5pm  Saturday – Sunday

It is recommended that this Workshop is completed before the Remote Collar Workshop.