Chris Loverseed comments of Von Forell Decoy & Drive Fulfillment Workshop Held In Australia

Hi Kris,

Just wanted to thank you for hosting such an amazing workshop over this weekend.

“In an industry where there is so much conflict, it was great to be able to question and learn from someone like yourself, who has an unbiased and open approach with a deep understanding of canine behaviour patterns and how to implement them in real time, allowing the dog an opportunity to express peak performance and reduce any conflict.

So often when you attend seminars and workshops only to see that what the presenter is talking about in the theory side, conflicts what they do practically .

However with your workshop you could actually see what you where describing in the theory being deployed out on the field,  you could see immediate results and a change in the dogs emotional mindset / physical performance simply over the weekend.”

Thanks once again!

Chris Loverseed