Charlotte Priest – testimonial

Charlotte Priest (Total Canine Sporting Club Member)

I first met Kris in 1999 after purchasing our first dog from his breeding and training facility Von Forell Kennels. Being relative novices at owning and training a dog Kris was able to put both my partner, Graham, and myself’s mind at ease with his vast knowledge of the canine field and the professional manner in which it was presented. Over the past four years our constant contact with Kris has resulted not only in a larger understanding of the dog and it’s behaviour but has also forged a very good friendship, one that is certainly appreciated by both Graham and myself.

Through his constant research both here and around the globe Kris has attained, among many things, the understanding of why a dog behaves so, the means behind its actions, the science. There appear to be many dog trainers available but there are few in the world at such a level and even fewer still that have the ability to succeed with their knowledge both on a business level and also on the competitive scene. Kris has achieved this and, although modest in his success, those associated with him are very aware of it and I certainly respect him for it.

Kris’s dedication to the dogs and also their handler / owners is most impressive. As training director of Total Canine Sporting Club Inc. Kris attends early morning training session with myself and the other members six days a week in addition to a weekly night class. His adaptation to the various dogs that attend and his ability to readily and concisely impart his wisdom to us is not something that is taken for granted in the club and we are very privileged to have such a trainer.

I have always found Kris to be most approachable and welcoming. His sincerity and dedication to those around him are qualities to be admired and are only complimented by his friendly and easy going demeanor.

I look forward to continuing my valued friendship with Kris, founded simply on an interest in dogs, as he is an individual that I not only enjoy spending time with but someone that I will learn from for a long time to come.

Yours Sincerely,
Charlotte Priest