Cathi Windus Comments on New K9 Tracking System

The Precision Tracking book is very good.

It puts tracking and training in a whole new light. Here in the Central United States we have all been taught to teach a dog to find ground disturbance. Food in the footstep has always been the reward for keeping the head down, and we all HOPE the dog will follow a track because he has found treats in the footsteps.

This method has proven unreliable time after time. Dogs fail trial after trial.

The methods in the “Precision Tracking” book make a lot of sense, and  are easy to communicate to the dog. In Kris’s book, he covers teaching a dog to “track” human scent on the ground and on the article. This creates a reliable tracking dog.. The dog is learning to use his nose…..

So many people have issues with the dog racing down the track.. Kris’s method of using the SLOW command to come up to the track really makes sense and is a good way to slow the dog down and get his mind in the right place.

Other tracking books and videos do not cover the steps to track starting from the dog getting out of his kennel.. The books is very much a step by step training guide , every sequence is described in detail.

I also felt the section on remote training is very valuable. Most handlers do not have the skills or knowledge to use the remote trainer correctly to proof the skills they have taught the dog.

I have read the book once, now I am STUDYING the book, lesson by lesson.

I will recommend this book to other Schutzhund handlers…

Cathi Windus

Adel, Iowa, United States of America

MID Iowa Working Dogs Club