Catherine Saunders Talks About Decoy Dog Training By Von Forell K9 Education – Kris Kotsopoulos

Dear Von Forell Kennels,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for putting on such an informative and professional seminar.

Your knowledge and experience is invaluable and your willingness to share it openly can only encourage a wiser dog community.

It was fantastic to see the dogs on demonstration improve greatly with your gentle guidance to the handlers, helping them to communicate to their dogs on a clearer level and building the dogs confidence and relationship in each particular exercise.

As the only female participant that can be a male dominated area, I was pleased to find that my opinions and knowledge was excepted as eagerly as my male peers. The openness in discussion and the joint frame of minds in doing what is in the dogs best interest should be the bench mark for a positive future for all interested in K9 behaviour.

What an awesome weekend that was full of inspiring knowledge, good fun and what I hope to be long respectful friendships with all involved.

This testimonial only covers a fragment of my enjoyment over the past 3 days. Thank you.

Kind Regards
Catherine Saunders