Bryan von Forell

                              Lump v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Welt-Sgr 1954      (30-01-1954)

                   Bordo v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr      (07-12-1956)
                              Inka v. d. Nordburg      (1955)
          Vello v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 3 36 times, Angek., HD-1      (20-04-1966)
                              Lump v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Welt-Sgr 1954      (30-01-1954)
                   Citta v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr, IDC-Sgr      (21-12-1958)

                               Carmen v. Felsingpass, SchH 1, Int. Ch., Bdsgn      (06-03-1954)

Bryan v. Forell, Angek., Nor. + Fin. Ch., Welt-Sgr (05-04-1968)  (Germany)

                              Tell v.d. Priorei, SchH 2      (21-02-1949)
                   Bingo v. Dornberg, SchH 3, brown      (24-05-1953)
                              Goldine v. Sandfontaine, SchH 3      (20-03-1950)
          Kira v. Romberg      (12-05-1963)
                              Amor v. Moselland      (05-10-1953)
                   Ilka v. Romberg      (20-10-1959)

                              Hella v. Romberg      (10-08-1957)

This powerful black male was imported into Sweden at the age of 5 months. Bryan was a big male with a good head and correct body. Bryan improved the quality of the breed throughout Scandinavia and Europe. He produced some excellent progeny in Holland and Germany by artificial insemination. One of his sons Guy’s Hilo v. Norden Stamm became a very influential male. Bryan’s Dutch son Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst was very important to the breed in Holland through his own son Hertog Alpha le Dorbry.

Bryan became a champion in Norway and Sweden and was probably the most influential male since World War 2. He sired more than 30 champions.

Bryan was the son of Vello v. Furstenfeld.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Siblings: Bonni.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations