Bonni Von Forell – Von Forell

                              Lump v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Welt-Sgr 1954      (30-01-1954)

                   Bordo v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr      (07-12-1956)
                              Inka v. d. Nordburg      (1955)
          Vello v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 3 36 times, Angek., HD-1      (20-04-1966)
                              Lump v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Welt-Sgr 1954      (30-01-1954)
                   Citta v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr, IDC-Sgr      (21-12-1958)

                               Carmen v. Felsingpass, SchH 1, Int. Ch., Bdsgn      (06-03-1954)

Bonni v. Forell, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr, brown, HD-1  (05-04-1968) (Germany)

                              Tell v.d. Priorei, SchH 2      (21-02-1949)
                   Bingo v. Dornberg, SchH 3, brown      (24-05-1953)
                              Goldine v. Sandfontaine, SchH 3      (20-03-1950)
          Kira v. Romberg      (12-05-1963)
                              Amor v. Moselland      (05-10-1953)
                   Ilka v. Romberg      (20-10-1959)

                              Hella v. Romberg      (10-08-1957)

Bonni von Forell was a very short compact red male who was bred in Germany. He gained both his Bundessieger and DV-sieger titles in 1970. At the DV-sieger show he was described as a beautiful two and a half year old Dobermann with a good head and nice neck. He was a powerful male with a strong, short back; and deep, wide chest.

Although Bonni passed the fit for breeding test he failed the ‘Koerung’ where according to Mr Vogel it was because he was not prepared well enough. This dog was well known for his fighting spirit and he gained his schutzhund 1 title.

Bonni, who was litter brother to Bryan von Forell, became a German and international champion.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Siblings: Bryan.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations