Bobbee Terrill’s Dog Tracking Training Thoughts on New K9 Tracking Book By Kris Kotsopoulos

As I complete my second reading of this book I am reminded of the many reasons that I found it so helpful in the first place.  I am about to commence tracking training with my young dog and will incorporate the methods outlined so very clearly in each chapter of this book.

I am a beginner at tracking competition/training and found helpful information throughout all chapters of the book. Of particular interest was Kris’s comprehensive explanation of the use of the ‘remote training’ collar and I urge all training enthusiasts to read this section as it will dispel the many myths that accompany the use of this very powerful tool, not only in tracking but in all aspects of dog training. Whether you choose to incorporate this in your training schedule or not is an individual consideration however knowing the correct way to use will never be wasted knowledge

Early in his book Kris invites the reader to contact him with any queries about either the book or individual training problems. I accepted the invitation! Having gained our first two titles very quickly, I was bought back to earth quite soundly by failing my test for Tracking Champion more times that I am prepared to admit, so I contacted Kris via his e-mail address.

He responded and was most generous in his help at both theoretical and practical levels. The result was that we achieved our ‘Tracking Champion’ two weeks later at the next tracking trial.

This book is economically priced and would be a wonderful addition to any dog trainers library”

Bobbee Terrill Melbourne Australia