Bingo von Ellendonk – Von Forell

                              Odin v. Forell, SchH 2, Int. + Ger. + Mon. Ch.      (22-04-1964)

                   Chico v. Forell, Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr      (01-07-1968)
                              Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)
          Jago v. Beelen, SchH 2, Angek. 1A (ZVA), Int. + Ger. Ch, Multi-Sgr Winner, b/r, HD-2
                              Vello v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 3 36 times, Angek., HD-1      (20-04-1966)

                   Dascha v. Forell, Brown      (05-03-1969)
                              Kira v. Romberg      (12-05-1963)

Bingo v. Ellendonk, DV-LstSg, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, Angek. 1A (ZVA), HD-1      
(24-01-1975) (Germany)

                              Bordo v. Fürstenfeld, Bdsgr      (07-12-1956)
                   Miko v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 1, Int. + Lux. Ch.      (13-06-1963)
                              Citta v. Furstenfeld, Bdsgr, IDC-Sgn      (21-12-1958)
          Palma v. Ellendonk, DV- LstSg, SchH 3, FH, Angek. 1A (ZVA), HD-1      (08-11-1968)
                              Fred v. Blutenstadt Orsoy, SchH 3, DV-LstSg 1961, 1962, 1963      (1955)
                   Iris v. Ellendonk, SchH 1, Bdsgn, brown      (05-02-1965)

                              Dixi v. Krakau, SchH 3, LstSg 1963, brown      (20-07-1960)

This black male was bred in Germany. Although he was not considered an elegant dog, he had excellent character, an enormous will to work and great courage. He passed on this temperament and did much to improve the temperament of Dobermanns in Europe. At only two years old he had the title of DV-Leistungessieger and from then on took part in every Working Trial. He passed all the Schutzhund tests with ease. His scores were excellent: Schutzhund I 99-96-100 with 1A Schutzhund II 99-96-96 with 1A Schutzhund III 97-96-97 with 1A. He passed the Korung for life and was the first Dobermann who passed Schutzhund III with 100-100-100.

Ottmar Vogel: “Bingo, at the age of 2, had by 1977 already become D.V. Leistungssieger and has since then had an unbroken succession where he has rarely been knocked out of anything less than second place. This dog is titled SchH 3 over 30 times and always achieved victory through consistant work. He was taken to numerous FCI European Master trials and constantly impressed everyone with his enormous fighting drive and his steady and strong nerves”.

Linebreeding: 3 – 2………………. V & M” Litter v. Fürstenfeld
  4 – 3………………. Bordo v. Fürstenfeld
  4 – 3………………. Citta v. Fürstenfeld
  5, 5 – 4, 4……….. Lump v. Hagenstolz
  5 – 4………………. Inka v. d. Nordburg
  5 – 4………………. Carmen v. Felsingpass