Behavioural Consultants

Are you having difficulties understanding why dogs do what they do?

Whether you are a new time dog owner or a seasoned handler, all that you will ever require in thoroughly understanding your dog is right here. Our dedicated team has been involved in Animal Behaviour, since 1981. They have worked with a wide and varied selection of dog owners from first time dog owner to the most demanding Law Enforcement K9s and Championship Competitors possible. Our professional services are utilised by TV production companies, local and State Council and Magistrate Courts providing expert witness evidence and ongoing coaching in solving a multitude of behavioural problems both Nationally and Internationally.

For consultation please feel free to e-mail your questions now!

Consulting Fees in Australia

House Calls:
House calls are an excellent avenue to see the dog’s behavioural problem first hand. It enables the trainer to get a deeper and more appropriate analysis of the issues you or the dog may be experiencing. Nevertheless, our highly qualified staff are able to assist you first hand in solving your problems.
$170 GST Inc for up to 60 minutes, and in proportion if the session is longer. Travel charges are for time, distance and any tolls.
Mileage is .60 cents per kilometre with a minimum charge for travel of $27.00 Gst Inc.

Consultation by telephone may be an alternative to a house call if the consultation does not need on site analysis. We find on many occasions that a phone consultation can solve some issues but not all. Simply email your inquiry and our consultant will be able to ascertain whether a telephone consultation or house visit will be appropriate.
$130 GST Inc for up to 60 minutes, and in proportion if the session is longer. A minimum charge for a phone consultation is $33.00 GST Inc.

By E-Mail:
It is difficult to consult effectively or to give informed advice by e-mail. Effective interpretation and explanation of options require an intensive question and answer session and is best done verbally. However, you are most welcome to email, before a consultation and in some cased if the questions are straight forward then an email may be appropriate. Please have all your questions detailed in one email so that our consultant is able to answer all your questions thoroughly.
$60 GST Inc for up to 60 minutes, and in proportion if the email takes longer.  A minimum charge for a phone email consultation is $27.00 GST Inc.

Follow – up:
If a follow up is required, it can be done by telephone or email.
Follow up by telephone are reduced to 50% of the initial consultation and are based on the same proportions if longer.

Written Summary:
A written summary is sent to you and your referral if required. This summary is included in the consultation fee and there is no extra charge

Payment of accounts:
Once our consultant has analysed your information a fee will be sent to you. Settlement at the time or before is appreciated. Cash, Cheque, Money Order, MasterCard and Visa payments are acceptable.

Expert Witness Fees in Australia

Expert Witness
Analysis, recommendations and written reports are part of the consultation. Advanced commissioning is very important in expert witness requirements.
The fee for an expert witness consultation is $180 GST Inc for up to 60 minutes and in proportion if longer.

If an appointment is cancelled for our consultant to be in court a fee does apply. The fee is $160 GST Inc for the cancellation plus all associated costs for any works in preparation at the rate of $180 GST Inc.

Time spent travelling from departure to destination and return is charged at $90 Inc GST per hour. In addition any parking, tolls, air fares, taxi fares rental car hire are charged at cost.

Meals and Accommodation:
All meals and accommodation are included in the consultation fees.

Payment Terms:
Account settlements are requested within 14 days of the completion of court services.

Media Interviews:
Please contact us for fees and terms of service for Media interviews.

International Service Fees:
Please contact us for fees and terms of service relating to all International Services.

Personal Advice:
By telephone, e-mail or at our facilities, our specialists will answer any questions whatever they may be, and guide you in your choice of products and services.