Assi von der Flohastrand – Von Forell


Fred v. Falkenbruch, DDR SchH 3, FH 3, Kör 6646/44, V

Xito v. Baruther Land, DDR SchH 2, Kör 5546/34, DDR Sgr 1969, V

Halla v. Baruther Land, DDR SchH 1, Kkl. 2, ZTP 5446/44, V

Jeff v. Taubenhübel, DDR 47977, SchH 3, FH, Kör 5543/55, V  (25-02-1970)

Seigo a.d. Espenstätte, DDR SchH 3, FH, Kör 5546/44, V

 Britta v. Osterberg, DDR SchH 1, Kör 5548/44, HD-zuerkannt  (07-03-1967)

Eddi a.d. Bibertal, DDR SchH 2, WZ 5546/34, V

Assi v.d. Flohastrand, DDR 66037, HD-free  (26-05-1973)  (Imp. East Germany)

    Cort v. Hof Argied, DDR SchH 2, Kör 5447/33, V  

Brando v. Sangerhäuser Blick, DDR 33071, SchH 1, WZ 5547/22

Assi v. Sangerhäuser Blick, DDR SchH 1, WZ 4437/22

Ira v. Baruther Land, DDR 42559, SchH 2, ZTP 5447/22      (20-11-1968)

Fero v. Haus Marthold, DDR 12038, SchH 2, Kör 6536/34, V 

   Halla v. Baruther Land, DDR 23710, SchH 1, ZTP 5446/44, V

Cieta v. Baruther Land, DDR 15019, SchH 2, WZ 5543/43, V

Assi von der Flohastrand was imported into Australia from East Germany in the mid 70’s and is the dam of Armando Whisky. Armando Whisky appears in the pedigree of Security Pekahia and Security Ixoye Tolis.

Assi’s strong working lines go back to many great DDR dogs such as Cort v. Hof Argied, Xito v. Baruther Land (1969 DDR Sieger), and Seigo a.d. Espenstätte (Condor v. Falkenwappen son)

Linebreeding:  3 – 2…………..Halla v. Baruther Land
4 – 3…………..Fero v. Haus Marthold
4 – 3…………..Cieta v. Baruther Land