Argo (Italy) – Von Forell

                              Graaf Quirinus v Neerlands Stam Sch 111

                   Gamon Di Compovalano Sch 1 IPO 11 INT CH, ITL CH, ASTN CH, HUNG CH, WVJV
                              Mali Di Compovalano Italy
          Vasco Di Casa Coppo Italy
                              Kaisermark Di Casa Coppo Italy
                   Ombra Di Casa Coppo Italy

                              Anaiisactraction Italy

Argo (Frozen Semen) BH, IPO 111, ZTP V1A. HD-Clear, VWD- Clear, Cardio- Clear. Eyes Clear. World Champion 5th Italian Champion, AIAD Champion.

                             Kaisermark Di Casa Coppo Italy

                   Overdryve Di Casa Coppo Italy
                              Anaiisactraction Italy
          Nera Della Sciara Italy

                              Prinz v Norden Stamm Sch 111 Italy INT CH, ITL CH, GER CH,  

                  Era Della Sciara Italy

                              Mira Di Compovalano Italy


Sourcing the correct dog to complement Von Forell’s future breeding requirement is very difficult however there are occasions when a dog meets our stringent expectations:

True Doberman Character & Correct Physical Type!

After evaluating and testing many Dobermans in Europe during our visit is September 2008 “Argo” is one of the ones that fits our breeding intentions for 2011 and beyond. He has an incredible will to work, he is very strong and determined with an open and uncomplicated character. Argo is line bred on Castor Mooreiche BH, Sch 111, IPO 111 which complements our current working dog breeding program. Having achieved our goals, we have sourced the correct dog to compliment our direction, enhance our style and introduce fresh genes into Australia with solid nervous system.

                                           Linebreeding:    Castor v d Mooreiche Sch111