Animal Management Officer

Educating our Council Rangers
žVon Forell Australia’s aim is to provide initiatives that offer practical and effective solutions to the management of companion animals.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a structural overview of factors considered pertinent to understanding the issues concerned with canine temperament – dangerous dogs and to encourage the development of protocols and procedures, that when implemented, will assist to minimise harm, physical or emotional, to humans and other animals.

žVon Forell recognizes that there are multiple factors that may influence maladaptive behaviours in dogs.

These include:

  • Competence of the breeder / owner to adequately select, socialise, train and manage.
  • Amicability.
  • Environmental triggers.
  • Degree of control.
  • Genetic Influence
  • Dysfunctional Defence Mechanism

Attending this day is an opportunity for AMOs to undertake training with expert dog trainers and gain skills that are core to their role of handling dogs of unknown temperament and disposition. The workshop has been specifically designed to educate the attendee in how to read drives, instincts and body language of the domestic canine. This enables the attendee to have key indicators when entering premises or encountering dogs that alert to a potentially unsafe or dangerous incident.

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Dog Psychology
  • Recognition and Identification of Breeds and their Traits
  • How Dogs Read Humans
  • Identification of Character
  • Natural Drives and Instincts
  • Unsound Temperament Categories
  • Dominance Styles
  • Safety Props
  • Visual and Audible Signs
  • Video Footage of Dangerous Dogs for Identification
  • Using Your Body Language to Deflate an Incident
  • Detailed understanding on Animal Learning. ( canines )
  • On going Support for Animal Management Officers during their learning and operational hours.
All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

1 Day:     9am to 4pm    This Workshop / Seminar is available throughout the year