Alva vom Franckenhorst – Von Forell

                              Falko v. Hagenstolz, SchH 1, Bdsgr 1963      (26-12-1958)

                   Odin v. Forell, SchH 2, Int. + Ger. + Mon. Ch.      (22-04-1964)
                              Iris v. Forell      (13-08-1961)
          Chico v. Forell, Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr      (01-07-1968)
                              Cäsar v. Weideneck, SchH 3, FH      (12-06-1954)
                   Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)

                               Reni Germania      (1955)

Alva v. Franckenhorst, SchH 3, Angek. 1A (ZVA), Int + Ger + Ned. Ch., Welt-Sgr, FCI Ch., brown (09-11-1971) (Holland)

                               Andy v. Eichenhain      (30-03-1964)

                   Ero v. Eichenhain      (17-09-1967)
                              Wilma v. Fürstenfeld      (21-04-1966)
          Amarilda v.d. Wachenburg      (17-08-1969)
                              Andy v. Eichenhain      (30-03-1964)

                   Costa v. Eichenhain, SchH 3      (15-04-1966)

                              Hella v. Forell      (25-02-1961)

Alva vom Franckenhorst was a very impressive red male with a typically strong head. He had a long well muscled neck, very good markings and excellent dark eyes. He was almost perfectly built.

Alva is a paternal 1/2 brother to Jago v. Beelen and was known for his very srong, dominant and aggressive character. He was the first Dutch bred Dobermann to pass the German Koerung. He sired the Dutch Working Champion Baron Cecar v. Rensloo, Christel v.d. Eland (Work.Ch.) and Baroness Eva v. Rensloo all of whom are in the ancestory of several Von Forell Dobermanns.

Siblings: Ceylonia / Comtesse Charmaine / Ero.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations