Alexa vom Heilderhof – Von Forell

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Alexa vom Heiderhof became the foundation bitch for the Flandrischen Lowen Kennel in Germany. Together with Ali v. Langenhorst, she produced the famous ‘A’ litter which was without a doubt her most famous. This litter produced Atlas, Amida and Alida v. Flandrischen Lowen. Alexa developed into a beautiful animal with great style and elegance. She became German and International Champion, bundessiegerin and the top winnining show dog in Germany in 1982.

Alexa basic character was normal and like all her littermates she passed schutzhund 3 easily.

[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Linebreeding: 3 – 4……………… Chico v. Forell
  4 – 5………………. Odin v. Forell
  4 – 5………………. Cita Germania