Aldo vom Ferrolheim – Von Forell

                              Vello v. Fürstenfeld, SchH 3 36 times, Angek., HD-1      (20-04-1966)

                   Bonni v. Forell, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr, brown, HD-1      (05-04-1968)
                              Kira v. Romberg      (12-05-1963)
          Jürgen v. Hagenstern, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. + Ned. + Lux. Ch., DV-Sgr      (08-05-1971)
                              Rondo v. Forell, Bdsgr      (26-01-1965)

                   Donna v. Eichenhain, SchH 1, Int. + Ger. Ch., DV-Sgn, Bdsgn      (13-04-1967)

                              Hella v. Forell      (25-02-1961)

Aldo v. Ferrolheim, SchH 3, Ned. Ch., VDH-Ch., DV-Sgr, BdSgr, brown, HD-1    

                              Odin v. Forell, SchH 2, Int. + Ger. + Mon. Ch.      (22-04-1964)

                   Chico v. Forell, Ger. Ch., Bdsgr, DV-Sgr      (01-07-1968)
                              Cita Germania, Bdsgn, brown      (28-02-1962)
          Amanda v. Stifthub, SchH 1, Ger. Ch., brown      (09-02-1971)
                              Basko v. Oberdahl      (04-07-1961)
                   Hesta v. Ellendonk      (30-11-1963)

                               Dixi v. Krakau, SchH 3, LstSg 1963, brown      (20-07-1960)

A very short red male bred in Holland. He had a very masculine head and a good balanced body with a firm topline, excellent tailset and good angulation. He won the Bundessieger title in 1976 and was a German and International Champion. In 1977 he gained his DV-Sieger title. It is hard to belive that this super dog only was graded “Very Good” (for conformation) when he took his ZTP test. His Qualities as a stud dog were not recognized in his homeland which was a great pity for the breed. In Italy they appreciated his outstanding qualities and many Italian breeders used him with excellent results. He passed Schutzhund III.

.[J.M.v.d. Zwann: In the beginning…A history of the Dobermann]

Siblings: Abbas / Alma / Armin / Arram / Astrid-Amanda / Axel.

Linebreeding: …………… None in first 5 generations