Alastair Henderson Comments on K9 Drive Development & Decoy Workshop

Dear Kris,

I am sending this testimonial to thank you for the opportunity to attend your workshop as it has given me many ideas to use in training our show dogs and to improve temperament in our breed.

Being involved with German Shepherds since the mid 70’s in obedience and show I have been always looking to learn new methods to improve my dogs performance and I only wish we had come in contact earlier as I feel our breed could have been further ahead than what it already is.

With your open teaching methods I feel all who attended did not feel intimidated and as such were able to take in more valuable information than that of other seminars I have attended.

Now that I have attended your workshop I feel motivated to try your methods on my own dogs and when I instruct at my local breed club so I hope in the longer term we can all have better dogs in the show ring/breed survey/and to pass on to their progeny that we sell to the members of the general public as their pet.

Wishing you every success with your dogs and  I look forward to keeping in contact in the future.


Alastair Henderson