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Who We Are…

Von Forell Australia Is A Breeding and Training Facility Driven By Technology

Von Forell, has built and maintains a reputation founded on delivering German Shepherds and Dobermans with a high magnitude of Genetic capability. Our primary purpose is the breeding of highly driven animals that are genetically orientated to be stable family companions. Families, Police agencies, Private Security, Corrective Services, Explosive and Narcotic Detection agencies also utilize our dogs. They are healthy, powerful, driven, coupled with functional conformation and a mentality that never gives up. Von Forell guarantees Dobermanns and German Shepherds that work and are free of genetic disorders, allowing owners and handlers to build a lasting relationship with their dog forged for a lifetime of enjoyment. Von Forell operates out of Melbourne Australia and is supported by a global infrastructure of suppliers and partners. This makes us a true international provider of genetically inclined performance dogs, linked with cutting edge training technologies that we offer you via our educational workshops and seminars.

Von Forell is also Australia’s largest K9 Products supplier, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned handler, all that you will ever require to train your dog is here, we have even produced our very own specially fomaulated dry dog food called PerformaDog. Our team has been involved in Animal Behaviour, Working Dog Breeding and Dog Training for 32 years. We have worked with new time dog owners to the most demanding Law Enforcement K9s and Championship Competitors possible.

We have not left a stone unturned World-wide in our quest to find the finest dogs with the correct Genetics and their biological expression. After 32 years of Breeding and Training we have achieved a proficient understanding of our gene pool. This enables us to identify certain bloodlines, individuals and genetic combinations that can produce particular types of animals.

We have separated them into the four categories, so that you are able to choose the right puppy that suits your requirements.

  • Family Companions and Guardians
  • Competition Dogs
  • Police and Law Enforcement Dogs
  • Detector Dogs

Personal Advice:

By telephone, e-mail or at our facilities, our specialists will answer any questions whatever they may be, and guide you in your choice of products and services.

  • Current German Shepherd litters
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  • Current Dobermann litters
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  • Extensive product range over 2000 training products
  • New Tracking book – ‘How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog’
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